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Açaí Frozen Pulp Shop

Free shipping in Stockholm and surroundings.

Açaimazon frozen pulp
Açaimazon Açai frozen pulp

Açaímazon electric car, ready to deliver the açaí frozen pulp at your door !

Açaimazon Açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon Açai frozen pulp
Açaímazon delivery
Açaí  Frozen Pulp - Açaímazon

Açaí Frozen Pulp Subscription

Receive your Açaí at home every month.

Make your subscription and save up to 20% !

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Açaí Benefits

Enjoy the Açaí super fruit healthy benefits.

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Rich in fiber

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Rich in antioxidants

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Full of Nutrition

Açaí native palms produces tons of Açaí berries every year, and it contains a true arsenal of nutrients, such as vitamins ( A, E, D, K, B1, B2,C ), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron), amino acids, antioxidants and essential oils.

Açaí is a low calorie fruit. Every 100 grams of pure Açaí berries contains approximately 70 calories.

From the Rainforest to Scandinavia !

Açaímazon agroflorest

Organic Açaí

The tropical super fruit from the rainforest

Açaí palm

Açaí is a berry from the palm trees in the Amazon.

The super fruit is made with 90% of its seed and 10% of peel filled with anthocyanins, that contains a lot of nutrients.

The antioxidants in açai berry also help to increase the efficiency of cellular absorption of nutrients.

The açaí has been in the native Amazonian diet since ancient times. Nowadays, it has become very popular by people who seek healthy food around the world.

Açaímazon agroflorest

The origin of our pulps

Good for us and good for the planet

Share with you the origin of our açaí pulps is one of our values.  

Get to know where and who collected the fruits as how it was processed until it end up in your bowl.


Açaímazon team is very dedicated to find local organic producers who develop agroforestry techniques or floodplain area with minimal impact management. Our partners respect the biodiversity and the rights of their employess.

Agroforestry, in addition to reforesting deforested areas, also helps offset carbon emissions. It brings resources to the inhabitants while preserving the biodiversity of the ecosystems. This technique also makes it possible to harvest the açaí throughout the year with excellent quality. 

When purchasing the Açaí from Açaímazon, you are not only making a great choice for your health, but also contributing to a better world: for the Amazon forest and for our local partners and their communities. 

Açaímazon agroflorest
Açaímazon ship icon

Açaí transportation to Sweeden

Compensation for CO2 emissions

For the açaí distribution in Scandinavia, we choose the maritime transport, which emits less greenhouse gases than air transport.

Cultivating açaí by applying agroforestry techniques at degraded areas it helps to reduce CO2 emitted in the atmosphere, maintaining the carbon stored by the forest.

The CO2 emitted during the logistic process and the açaí production, will be compensated by the recovering of degraded areas and replacing fossil fuel by electric power, the positive cycle.

On that way Açaímazon can contribute to reduce CO2 levels at atmosphere, consequently attenuating the climate changes, that’s the main challenge for the humanity nowadays.

Açaímazon agroflorest

In Stockholm, on last mile delivering, Açaímazon minimize CO2 emissions using electric vans.

Açaímazon Stockholm

Places you can find us

Enjoy the Açaí flavors in Stockholm and surroundings !

Açaí  Frozen Pulp - Açaímazon

1. Açaí Frozen Pulps

Açaí  Bowl - Açaímazon

2. Açaí Bowls & Smoothies

Salmon with Açaí  sauce by chef Dani Capato - Açaímazon

3. Out of the Bowl


Amazonian Culture

A common cultural treasure rich in diversity and traditions

The Amazon is a vast biome in South America with huge diversity of ethnicities and biodiversity. Around 60% of the territory is located in Brazil.  


Been in contact with Açaí super fruit is an open door to the Amazonian culture, and we want to share it with you. Gastronomy, art, music, traditions and all about the local culture, so you can get to know Amazon in a different way

The art for the Açaímazon visual identity was created by the Kambo Art. The amazing artists, Luan and Sofia portray the everyday life of the people and the forest biodiversity.  Some of then creations is with AR (Augmented Reality). We highly recommend you to check it out on their Instagram.

Enjoy our playlist on Spotfy. Feel the Amazonian groove!


Açaímazon Mood

Keep your good vibes with the rainforest colors.

Exclusive art created with elements by the for Açaimazon. We enjoy it so much that we decided to create the Açaimazon mood collection to spread the colors and diversity of the flora, of the faune and all the beauties of the rainforest.

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