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Açaí Super Fruit

Açaímazon har ett uppdrag att bygga bron mellan medvetet konsumtion och underhållet av Amazonas biologiska mångfald.
Vår vision är att Açaí är bron: en av de rikaste superfrukterna när det gäller näringsämnen på vår planet.
Vi är det första företaget i världen som distribuerar Açaí och kompenserar våra CO2-utsläpp genom att använda elbilar för att leverera våra produkter till din dörr.



Our mission is to build the bridge between conscious consuming and the maintenance of the Amazon biodiversity.

Det Nya Sättet Att Distribuera Açaí

Açaí is one of the richest super fruit in terms of nutrients in our planet.

Açaí native palms produces tons of Açaí berries every year, it contains a true arsenal of nutrients, such as vitamins (A, E, D, K, B1, B2, C), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron), amino acids, antioxidants and essential oils.


Det Nya Sättet Att Distribuera Açaí

Açaí is a low calorie fruit. Every 100 grams of pure Açaí berries contains approximately 70 calories.

We propose you the pure Açaí frozen pulps packages with high values nutrients well kept under -18 C degrees.

Açaimazon açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon açai frozen pulp

100% Açaí Frozen Pulps
Organic certified

Freedom to create your own recipes and enjoy the Açaí super fruit healthy benefits.

Frozen açaí pulps are perfect for personalizing the Açaí bowl, to add it in the smoothies and lot more.

Açaímazon Creative Recipes

Recipes inspired by native Amazonian cuisine

Archaeological evidence indicates that açaí has been in the native Amazonian diet since ancient times. As the natives, you can consume the açaí multiple times a day

From the traditional açaí bowl to a barbecue sauce, we want to inspire you by reproducing and creating healthy recipes that you can add in your every day diet as well. 

Let's go inside and outside of the bowl!


Açaímazon Organic Premium Açaí  Pulp

Organic Açaí berry from the lowland region of the river Tauera Açu, in the state of Pará, Brazil.

The Açaí berries were harvested by the locals on the 6th of September 2021. It was carefully selected and later that same day made into frozen Açaí pulp. 

This product is considered premium quality due to the concentration of 14% solid fruit, unsweetened it provides pure Açaí flavor. 

Our way of harvesting and collecting Açaí means a healthy, organic and safe natural product for you, grown and harvested by local communities; the ones that keeps the Amazon biodiversity standing up.

The end product is the result of a partnership between local producers; our partner Almazonia, Açaímazon and 

It is shipped in 100g plastic packages inside a thermo paper eco bag developed by The bag is able to keep a freezing temperature and that is how we can deliver fresh Açaí at your door.

It contains only 0,05g of citric acid (lemon) and it acts as a natural conservant. 


Sustainable Distribution

We are concerned with the maintenance of our ecosystem and with the impacts of the açaí  transportation.

To be able to distribute Açaí in Scandinavia we compensate our CO2 emissions with two actions:

1. Using electric cars to deliver our açaí to your door.

2. Contributing with our local partners to the reforestation and to the maintenance of the
Amazon biodiversity.

Açai Palms

Açaí  Palms, Amazon - BR

Açaímazon butik

açaí rekommenderas extremt för dem som utövar fysisk aktivitet”, minns Cyntia Maureen.

Açaimazon açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon açai frozen pulp
Açaimazon açai frozen pulp

Ekologiska Premium Almazonia  Frysta Açaí Pulp Balls - 1 kg förp

280,00 kr 

Make your subscription and save up to 20% !

Receive your açaí at home 
every month until cancelled

200,00 kr  -  1 kg

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