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This product is considered premium quality due to the concentration of 14% solid fruit, unsweetened it provides pure Açaí flavor. 


It contains only 0,05g of citric acid (lemon) and it acts as a natural conservant. 


Our way of harvesting and collecting Açaí means a healthy, organic and safe natural product for you, grown and harvested by local communities; the ones that keeps the Amazon biodiversity standing up.


Free shipping in Stockholm and surrounding areas.


Organic Premium Açaí 14% solid super fruit - Frozen Açaí 100 g

1 kilo
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  • Pack size: 14.5cm x 8.5cm

    Weight: 101.5 g

  • Free shipping in Stockholm and surrounding areas:

    Friday from 16h to 20h

    Saturday from 12h to 16h

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