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Vision & Mission

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Our Mission

Açaímazon has a mission to build the bridge between conscious consuming and the maintenance of the Amazon biodiversity. Our commitment is to offer Açaí products following the best practice giving to our customers the chance to get know where and who collected the fruits and how it was processed until it end up in your bowl.


Our Vission

Açaí is more than a super fruit, it is part of Amazon culture.  There is a myth from an Amazon indigenous tribe that says the magical berry was sent by god Tupã during a hard time to feed the tribe, after that all tribes in the Amazon started to include Açaí in their diets.

Besides the myth, nowadays the true is that economically it has helped more and more local communities in the Amazon region. The Açaí commerce in 2019 registered a market size of US 720 million and following the forecast to 2025 it should achieve around US 2.1 billions, as much as the consuming of Açaí increases. For Açaímazon It is just a matter of time once year after year people all around the world have discovered Açaí's benefits.

The Açaímazon accept the challenge to spread healthy, distributing this amazing super fruit in any place where there is a new demand in Scandinavia. We are the first company to see Açaí berries as a healing for the Amazon rainforest by itself, beyond that, we see it as a great tool to prevent world food crisis and climate changes.

Many studies and projects have been made over decades through Embrapa to define the best way to attend the growing global demand with the minimum impact to the biodiversity, the conclusion was that is needed to limit the number of Açaí palms per hectare in native  areas, to avoid monocultures and to keep the efficiency in terms of berries quality, the technique is called "minimal impact management".

However, the Açaí palms nativity placed in areas called "varzea", naturally irrigated by the river every each 6 hours, it  just provides good berries's harvest from June to September every year, that's another challenge to attend the global demand.

The researchers then concluded that Açaí palms needed to migrate to firm ground, where attended by an efficient irrigation system and surrounded by the right biodiversity agents, it can provides good berries's harvest during the whole year and even bigger production than the native Açaí palms.

On that way, Açaímazon has the vision that the Açaí palms in firm ground, recovering degraded areas, it can also represent a CO2 farm generating carbon credits to be commercialized in the growing carbon credits market or even to be applied to reduce the CO2 footprint caused by Açaí transportation around the world.

The Açaímazon is the first company to invite you to create a positive cycle around this super fruit, in one side we provide to our customers organic certificated products, following the best international business practices, in another side we reinvest part of our revenue in the planting of açaí palm trees in degraded areas, through partnerships with local landowners in order to ensure constant Açaí offers.

When purchasing our products you are not only making a great choice for your health - but also contributing to a better world; for the Amazon forest, our local partners and their communities.

Join us to build this positive cycle getting to know more about our product portfolio, delicious recipes and who are our partners that help us to make it happen!

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